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Desi is so much more than a photographer. He is an artist. Photography is his medium.

 - Lauree G, Phoenix, AZ



"We absolutely loved our session with Desi and love recommending him to others.  It's so heartwarming how this one photo session brought our family closer together. Desi will soon be doing senior portraits for our oldest and is likely to take care of all our family members as they grow, graduate and then go on to have families of their own.  Thank you Desi." 

 - The McQuail Family, Phoenix, AZ


"There are photographers who take great photographs... and then there are great photographers who have an ability to capture the unique energy of their subjects and somehow it lives in their photos. That's the kind of photographer Desi is. My mother and I absolutely love the family photo Desi did for us. Neither of us considers ourselves at all photogenic. Well, Desi proved us completely wrong! He selected a great desert location for the light qualities, and we followed his suggestions for makeup and wardrobe colors. Not only are we thrilled with the results, the entire experience was great."

 - The Griffis Family, Phoenix, AZ


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